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Valley of Wildschönau


The Wildschönau is a 24 km long sidevalley of the inntal. It belongs to the kitzalps. In the Wilschönau you find 4 villages: Niederau, Oberau, Auffach and Thierbach.  The Wildschönau is famous for it´s Krautinger. The special white beet helped the Wildschönau to the title "Genuss Region", genuss meaning enjoyment in a culinary and cultural sense.The beet is used in the distillery of the Krautinger schnapps. By the royal decree of Empress Maria Theresia, only Wildschönau farmers are permitted to distill this miracle cure.





The first village you come to is Niederau, easily recognisable by its church spire and the Markbachjoch Mountain directly behind it. A cable car runs to the top in both winter and summer. Another of Niederau's hallmarks are the colourful parachutes dotting the skies above the village, home to Tyrol's largest paragliding school.



Oberau Mühltal


Halfway between Niederau and the next village of Oberau is the prizewinning Z'Bach Farming Museum, housed in a 2 centuries old farmhouse. Every Thursday in the summer months a fascinating craft fare is held here. Right next door is the lovely open air pool complex with gererous lawns for sunbathing, a giant water slide and a playground for the kids.







The main road carries on through Oberau to Mühltal and then to Auffach and Thierbach at the ends of the valley. Auffach has the region's largest ski area in the winter. The cable car to the middle and the top of the Schatzberg (Treasure Mountain) runs throughout the summer too and offers a starting point for fantastic hikes.





Thierbach is an idyllic hamlet with its ancient church, the old school house and the surrounding five farms, one of which is a rustic guesthouse. Things haven't changed much here for 200 years since the Tyrolean Freedom Fighters hatched their secret plans against Napoleon in 1809.




Summerimpressions Wildschönau


You can go hiking, horseriding, mountain biking, paragliding, tennis, canoeing, exploring the popular path and much more.

You will receive the Wildschönau Card, including the following services:


Bergbahn Markbachjoch und Schatzberg

Freibad Wildschönau

Tennisplatzbenutzung Oberau

Bergbauernmuseum Oberau

Handwerksmarkt am Donnerstag

Holzmuseum Auffach

Schaubergwerk Lehenlahn

Geführtes Erlebniswanderprogramm

Kinderprogramm im Drachenclub





Winterimpressions Wildschönau


In winter you can go skiing, sledding, cross country skiing, ski touring, horseriding, sledding, snowshoeing and much more.

You will receive the Wildschönau Card, the following services are included in winter:


Skibus zwischen Niederau und Auffach


Winterwanderprogramm (2 x wöchentlich) und Schneeschuhwanderung (1 x wöchentlich)

Verleih von Schneeschuhen

Bergbauernmuseum zBach

Holzmuseum Auffach

Gratis Skipass für Kinder unter 15 Jahre vom 24.03. bis 09.04.2012


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